Mould control for inside areas

Insufficient ventilation, reduced heating, defective insulation and moisture are just some causes for the development of mold inside buildings. The results are fungal spores which are dangerous and unhealthy.

Mold in living spaces should not be treated with toxins or other noxious chemicals.

The KÖSTER Anti Mold System is based on physical functionality. The KÖSTER AMS Liquid Film is a vapor barring material which stops moisture leakage from the wall or substrate. KÖSTER AMS Special Plaster has a large pore capacity to absorb short term moisture. The plaster is very porous and therefore has a large surface area. This promotes evaporation and inhibits water condensing on the building surface. With this method the surface is almost always dry, mold and the basis for mold growth is removed.

Before applying KÖSTER AMS Liquid Film the substrate has to be dry and the mold has to be removed. One hour after the application of the liquid film the KÖSTER AMS Special Plaster can be applied in a layer thickness of approximately 2.5 mm. When the surfaces will be painted a material open to vapor diffusion should be applied. KÖSTER Silicon Paint White and KÖSTER MF 1 are suitable products.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.