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IN 220 - KÖSTER IN 2

Elastic PU injection resin. For permenantly waterproofing cracks and joints. It is designed to withstand continuous contraction and expansion and is therefore ideal for the repair of moving cracks. Also suitable for slightly damp cracks. Viscosity approx. 200 mPa.s.

Fields of application: In combination with KÖSTER IN 8 for the permanent, elastic sealing of water bearing cracks and joints. Without pre-injection for the sealing of dry cracks, joints and voids. KÖSTER IN 2 is used in cases where future movements of the building structure can not be excluded.

Consumption: Approx. 1.1 kg/l void


1 kg combipackage (IN 220 001)

8 kg combipackage (IN 220 008)

40 kg combipackage (IN 220 040)