At Talrak, we have a strong practice of innovation and customer orientation that pushes us to offer advanced and sustainable construction solutions to the market. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and highly skilled personnel, coupled with the strong German technical collaboration, has made our product portfolio a comprehensive one. Comprising of more than a 100 products across categories such as, Waterproofing, New Generation Concrete Admixtures & Surface Treatments, Concrete Aids, Grouts & Anchors, Remedial Engineering Products, Flooring Products, and Ultra High Performance Concrete Premix for manufacturing concrete of strength exceeding 100 MPa, we offer comprehensive construction solutions. We are aiming at catering to every type of civil engineering construction and maintenance projects.

Our Products

Admixtures & Surface Treatments

Talrakplast ® Range of Concrete Admixtures
➔ SNF & PC based plasticizers for concrete.
➔ Special Admixtures for Shrinkage Reduction, Air entrainment, and underwater Applications of Concrete.

Talrakcure ® Range of Curing Compounds
➔ Water and Wax based Curing compounds, Internal Curing compounds.
➔ Form release agents

Talrak’s Range of Waterproofing Products

➔ 2- Component elastomeric, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproof coating.
➔ Polymer for site prepared, liquid applied cementitious waterproofing system.
➔ Single component PU resin based elastomeric waterproofing coating

Grouts and Anchors

Freecem® Range of Cementitious Grouts and Talrakpolygrip™ Range of Anchors

➔ Dual shrinkage compensating cementitious grouts.
➔ Polyester resin based anchors
➔ Dynagrout® Range of Epoxy Grout

Concrete Protective Coatings

Talrakote® Range of Protective Coatings

➔ Anti-Corrosive primers for reinforcement.
➔ Acrylic and Epoxy based coatings for concrete protection


Talrakpolybond™ Range of Adhesives

➔ Acrylic, Styrene butadiene rubber and Epoxy based polymer bonding cum cement mortar modifier
➔ Epoxy based Thixotropic adhesives

Remedial Engineering

Rendercem® Range of cementitious repair mortars

➔ Repair mortars with fibers and corrosion inhibitors.
➔ Injection Slurry. Talrakmicrocrete® Range of microconcretes
➔ Microconcretes with fibers and corrosion inhibitors. Advanced Polymer composites
➔ Talrakfibwrap range of fiber composites with carbon and glass fibers
➔ Talrakfibplate range of Glass and carbon Fiber laminates

Talrakseal Range of Sealants

Talrakseal ® Range of joint sealants

➔ Polysulphide Sealants.
➔ Polyurethane Sealants.
➔ Acrylic Sealants.
➔ Expansion Joint Tapes.

Builder’s Products

➔ Talrak® Blockmate – Drymix for masonry mortars
➔ Rendercem® RP – Drymix for plasters
➔ Talrak® Tilebond – Bonding agents for tiles
➔ Talrak® Tilegrout – Pigmented tile joint grouts.

Ultra High Performance Concrete

TalrakcreteUltra® Dry Mix - Ultra high performance concrete is a material that is characterized by having a high compressive strength of over 120MPa. It has unmatched structural performance as well as have ceramic like surface behaviors, impermeability to water and gas, very high heat resistant or work as insulation material.